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Reach & Clean – How does it work?

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How does “Reach & Clean” work?

AquaPure are moving away from the dangers of working at height, along with the inconvenience and intrusion this often causes, while we are simultaneously changing to a more environmentally-friendly and efficient method called “Pure Water Cleaning”

No chemicals or detergents- Just the absolute simplicity of purified water

We will be using 100% purified water to clean your windows with special double trimmed brushes mounted onto telescopic poles. Our poles can reach windows comfortably up to a height of 80 foot now which will accommodate all residential and most commercial premises from the ground.

The telescopic pole with double trimmed brush head used will be connected to the water storage tank via a long length of hose tubing. This tubing allows the pure water to flow from a pump attached to the water storage tank to the brush head. When the pure water reaches the brush head the window cleaning process begins.

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