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Reach & Wash Window Cleaning


What is Reach and Wash?

We at Aqua Pure recognise that the change to reach and wash window cleaning from the traditional way window cleaning was done needs to be explained but we are confident that you the customer will be delighted with the results you will obtain and be very impressed by the added benefits you will receive from this new technology.


Below we will explain about the reach and wash window cleaning process, so that you can understand the new way we could clean your windows.


How it works?

Whilst we are moving away from the dangers of working at height, along with the inconvenience and intrusion this often causes, we are simultaneously changing to a more environmentally-friendly and efficient method called “Pure Water Cleaning”


No chemicals of detergents- Just the absolute simplicity of purified water


We will be using 100% purified water to clean your windows with special double trimmed brushes mounted onto telescopic poles. Our poles can reach windows comfortably up to a height of 80 foot now which will accommodate all residential and most commercial premises from the ground.


The telescopic pole with double trimmed brush head used will be connected to the water storage tank via a long length of hose tubing. This tubing allows the pure water to flow from a pump attached to the water storage tank to the brush head. When the pure water reaches the brush head the window cleaning process begins.



Why is Pure Water used?

Although tap water looks clean, it actually contains a lot of dissolved chemical and minerals. These amounts vary from area to area (hard & soft water areas). It is these minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) that leave a white residue on glass .


The water purification technology (the machine which cleans the water) de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to remove these impurities and produce pure water.


Can I work in the rain with a pure water system?

If we examine the water cycle, we learn that the water evaporates from the surface of lakes, rivers and the sea. Their mineral content is left behind when the water vaporises, which means that when the water condenses and forms clouds, the water is pure.


It is this pure water that falls as rain. The rain does not stay pure for long however, because as it falls through the atmosphere, the water molecules bind to and dissolve all the minerals it comes into contact with on its way to the ground.


While this water is no longer pure, it does have a relatively low mineral content. In the UK with our usual south westerly winds, the total dissolved solids reading of this water is around 14 TDS, with the limit for spot free drying being 9 TDS or lower. (Some tap supplies will reach 500+ TDS)


When cleaning windows with pure water, pure water is left to dry naturally on the glazing, when the rain comes into contact with this water, it serves to dilute the rain water. If an equal amount of rain water falls on the freshly washed glazing, the TDS reading of that water will then read 7 TDS within the range of spot free cleaning.


In short then, you can clean windows with pure water in all but the most torrential rain with most satisfactory results.


Many clients may well be sceptical at first, as using chemical cleaners leave a residue that becomes sticky and actually attracts dirt and that is what they will be used to. However once they have seen the results for themselves, most clients will have no problem with you calling when the weather is far from ideal.


Pure water is the best product to clean windows for several reasons:

  • By virtue of the nature of water, it does not like being pure and it strives to return to its impure state. Therefore it actually absorbs dirt particles from the glass, aiding the cleaning process.
  • Because of the aggressive strength of pure water, you do not need to use cleaning detergents on the windows. Thus you save money and time, plus it’s better for the environment.
  • Due to the impurities being removed, you do not need to squeegee the windows, simply rinsing the glass after brushing leaves an excellent streak free finish.

Below are some useful Answers to Questions you might have!


I am very pleased with the end result but you previously left my windows and sills dry, now when you leave they are wet?


Please do not be concerned by this, it is only pure water which is even less harmful to your building than rainwater. Because this water dries without leaving streaks, it is unnecessary to squeegee the windows dry. This water will quickly evaporate without a trace in a few minutes.


I have tried cleaning my own windows with cheap telescopic poles and it dries white, how will you do a better job?


Normal tap water contains minerals, including, calcium and magnesium. It is these which leave a white residue on the glass. What we use is pure water, filtered by a de-ionising and de-mineralisation process. This dries to a crystal clear shine. We bring this water with us in large van-mounted tanks.


Will I see the difference straight away?


You will see enormous benefits with Pure Water Cleaning, and this will be immediately apparent. Traditional “chammy and ladder” window cleaning avoids the window surround and frames and this leaves you the customer with a half done job. At Aqua pure we clean the total window and this not only gives you value for money but a completed job.

On a first clean of a new customers house we spend a lot of time and care to remove in some cases years of dirt and detergent from the window frames & seals, but rest assured we will leave you with a professional result.


It looks so complicated compared to a bucket and squeegee, I am just not totally convinced, how will your method using pure water and a telescopic pole leave better results than traditional window cleaning can?


Pure water cleans windows to a much higher standard than soapy water & in using our method we clean the window frames as well as the glass with our brush so that is an added bonus to you. This process is more efficient & safer as we clean all windows where possible from the ground eliminating the use of ladders unless absolutely necessary. You the customer also have the peace of mind that every window and frame will be cleaned with the cleanest of pure water. Please do not be daunted by all the equipment we use as it is basically a machine that pumps pure water into a pole with a brush that agitates the dirt and cleans your window, it is actually a very simple process that has been made affordable. We can demonstrate the process on just one of your windows to reassure you if that helps ease your mind.


I am worried the high water pressure will damage my windows?


Please be reassured that it is not the water pressure from the pump or the pressure of the brush on the window that does the cleaning, it is the gentle agitation of the brush bristles and the pure water on the dirt that does the cleaning. Very little pressure is needed to leave your window frames and glass sparkling clean.


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