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Why is Pure Water Used?

by - September 24, 2012 Posted in: Pure Water - Comments: 0

Although tap water looks clean, it actually contains a lot of dissolved chemical and minerals. These amounts vary from area to area (hard & soft water areas). It is these minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) that leave a white residue …

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Reach & Clean – How does it work?

by - September 20, 2012 Posted in: Reach & Clean - Comments: 0

How does “Reach & Clean” work? AquaPure are moving away from the dangers of working at height, along with the inconvenience and intrusion this often causes, while we are simultaneously changing to a more environmentally-friendly and efficient method called “Pure …

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Window Cleaning Offer

by - September 19, 2012 Posted in: Window Cleaning Promotion - Comments: 0

You may have seen our recent promotion on Gumtree! We are currently offering all new customers £5 OFF your first window cleaning bill, and 50% OFF for a referral*! AquaPure NI Offer a professional cleaning service for: Windows Velux Windows …

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Ionic Reach & Clean

Since 1997 Ionic Systems has manufactured The Reach & Wash® window Cleaning System enabling thousands of window cleaners to clean higher, faster and safer. www.ionicsystems.com